James Hardie Photography has been leading the way in innovative ideas here in the Algarve for 7 years, starting in product, property and portrait photography this soon carved a way into the wedding industry where our company excelled soon adding video options to our private and commercial clients, it was clear that the demand for our work was greater then the time we had to dedicate to new projects so the search began for like minded professionals to join the team.

Today we now have the only english speaking studio in the Algarve, we have  4 photographers, a dedicated drone pilot, videographer and media expert making up James Hardie Photography Studios.

Our company ethos has never changed and that is providing our clients with superior images in a fun environment.


Kellie Hardie – Location Photographer

I came to the Algarve from the UK in 1992 as a children’s rep for a well known holiday company. I feel as if I have a genuine ability to connect with people of all age groups and they seem to gravitate towards me which I just love. Like James I also had a passion for photography since an early age and my camera was never far from me, I have a keen eye for the smaller details that would sometimes be missed, I decided to turn professional as I felt that this is where my true passion lies. I have shot weddings alongside James in Portugal and the United Kingdom and I also have a passion for baby/family photography, I just love being around children.

I also have the pleasure of running the office and organising the team.

James and I met when James was on an assignment shooting properties here in Portugal, He blew me away with his keen sense of humour, warmth, passion for life and a smile that just melted my heart and after all these years he still has the same effect on me. With our love for photography it made perfect sense to work together, we bounce of each other and together we can provide our clients with the shots they demand but from different angles with our own unique styles…..We work, rest and play together and I am thankful I found my soul mate.

We love the Algarve and we currently live in the small village of Paderne with our 4 children Megan, Auron, Sam & Isabelle, 2 cats Tabitha & Luna, 2 dogs Mya & Pixel and 10 chickens Ella, Alice, Rose, Rebecca, Faith, Hope, Bella, Freckles, Chance & Nugget the Cockerel.


Our Studio


Situated in Guia central Algarve is our Studio, we have a dedicated meeting room & reception where we can meet couples getting married and clients to discuss their needs, it is all very relaxed and we even have a chiller cabinet where cold drinks and the odd beer are available.


James Hardie Photography Studio
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